Our Work

We’re in this for the long haul─developing lasting partnerships with clients to create new and improve existing experiences.

Acting as an agile, scalable extension of your team, we’re able to quickly and seamlessly see ideas through from the rapid prototyping stage to simple, clean and useful enterprise level software products.

Case Study


Seesaw Labs has partnered with CityBridge and Intersection to provide a turnkey solution for implementing the dynamic, data-driven, HTML5 advertisements displayed on over 500 LinkNYC kiosks throughout the five boroughs.

The fast, completely free WiFi they provide is funded through its groundbreaking digital OOH advertising network that not only provides a rich context-aware platform, reaching countless New Yorkers and visitors each day, but will also generate more than a half a billion dollars in revenue for New York City.

Because timing is everything, we’ve custom built a data gathering and aggregation platform as well as an Austin based QA unit, tied right into the NYC network. These innovative tools allow us to rapidly test and populate the LinkNYC system with the data-driven dynamic ad campaigns crucial to the success of the project.

Kountable App

Case Study


Kountable is a financial technology company focused on helping entrepreneurs in developing countries secure needed funding for their trade deals.

As kountable’s ongoing technology partner, Seesaw Labs builds and maintains their full product offering including web applications, native mobile applications, APIs and backend operations workflow systems.

Through kountable’s custom system, an entrepreneur’s digital footprint is translated to a kScore‑a metric, which is then used to help assess project risk and help determine appropriate funding for their projects.

“SeeSaw has been like an extension of the team. As we’ve grown, SeeSaw has grown with us and been an adaptable partner and an on-demand pool of talent we couldn’t have done without”

Chris Hale
CEO kountable

Digital Execution

We get start-ups started. We bring life to creative agencies' visions. We modernize legacy systems. We maintain everything we build.

Full life cycle, cross-platform custom software product development.

Digital Exploration

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, chat bots, touch screen interfaces─we can't get enough of building cool stuff.

Let's blaze a new trail together.

Tech Strategy

We are hands-on consultants, producers, and curators of technical insights. We believe all great projects start by asking questions, without a prejudice to the answer. We dive deep into your situation and craft supportive technology recommendations that lead to success.

Custom Software Development

Mobile and web apps, kiosk apps, digital signage, VR, chat bots, eCommerce, middleware solutions, analytics dashboards and data visualization, custom workflow engines and the list goes on and on….

Cloud Solutioning

We lean heavily on the full suite of AWS Cloud-based services, which allows us to quickly build enterprise-grade infrastructure environments for our clients, without the need for enterprise sized budgets. We are well-versed in Cloud-based architectures and practices and offer Design, Build, Support and Training in this area.

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