Our Crew

One of the advantages of partnering with SeeSaw Labs is immediate, cost-effective access to our many years of experience across a myriad of disciplines.

We’ll handpick the perfect team from our crew for your project─with the flexibility to swap and scale to keep on-beat with your business tempo.


We’ve been around the block, mastered the tried‑and‑true, and continue to push the leading edge. Rockstar heights are achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants. Here are just a few of the shoulders on which you’ll stand.

Jeff Winesett
Jeff Winesett
Partner & SeeEO

Jeff has spent the past 15 years helping businesses deliver on their bottom line by improving their offerings through technology solutions. His passion about both the technology and the consulting, in concert with his insatiable appetite for process improvement, forms the basis for his desire to forge true partnerships with clients delivering exactly what is needed, when it is needed, and collaborating on creative solutions within business constraints. He is the author of 2 books on the Yii Web‑based development framework and one book on Cloud‑based architecture solutions utilizing AWS.

Ivan Morales
Ivan Morales
Partner & SeeTO

Ivan is living proof that the mythical half‑designer / half‑developer exists, and embodies the creative technology approach on which SeeSaw Labs focuses. Has spent the past 16 years building sophisticated software solutions, using various toolsets across myriad verticals, with strict attention to design and UX details resulting in truly creative, cross‑platform products that drive immediate business value.

Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes
Accounts & SeeSO

Engineer turned marketing aficionado, Matthew brings many years of experience in Analytics, Customer Experience Optimization, eCommerce Development, Split Testing, CRO, Solutions Architecture and Business Strategy.

Ivan Winesett
Jose Calderon

Jose is a passionate computer engineer who specializes in delivering high quality projects on time with more that 14 years of programming experience working with amazing teams all over the world and closely with clients serving as production manager. His development background enables him to successfully communicate specific knowledge to the programming teams to achieve the goals set forth.

John Constant
John Constant
Strategy and SeeBDO

With a solid background as a designer and developer, John has spent the last 16 years conceptualizing and implementing creative solutions and bringing business dreams and solution designs into alignment for digital startups and mammoth tech companies. He has recently joined the creative technology team at SeeSaw Labs after run as Business Analyst, Solution Architect, SEO expert, and Globalization Lead for IBM PartnerWorld.

Labs VR

Latest From the Lab


We made a virtual rock show to test the boundaries of what your phone and Google Cardboard can handle. Our crew is equipped to bring your virtual experience to life─be it an immersive 360 video or full simulation.

Labs Lemlet

From the Lab


Lemlet is a private group texting tool. We made it especially for bachelor parties, pub crawls, and even kids sports teams─any event where getting everyone on the same page is like herding cats.

There’s no app to download and no need to store anyone else’s number.

Ready to Rock?